Lernvideo - Sales

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Mein Lernvideo über das Thema "Sales"

Dieses Video wurde mit Hilfe von Inhalten aus der Business Spotlight zusammengestellt.

Try to answer the following questions

  • In the first section, the sales representative Terry May and his boss are talking about recent developments in Terry’s sales activities. What is the main challenge that Terry is facing with his clients?
  • Why was Sam’s business going better a year ago?
  • What is Sam’s biggest issue?
  • Why does Sam claim that she needs to reduce her inventory?
  • What is Sam’s ideal outcome for improving her situation?
  • Try to explain in your own words how Sam would benefit from an integrated purchasing system?
  • What exactly is killing Sam’s sales?
  • Why could Terry’s solution to a new system help Sam to focus on new business?
  • What arguments convinced Sam to try out the new system in her pharmacy?
  • Can you try to explain in your own words what the word „streamline“ means?